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the community for SNL roleplay

Saturday Night Live RPG
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This is the only RPG on SNL

This is the story,
SNL will be hosting the 35th reunion special and you get to play a cast member getting ready for the show 6 months before it starts. You cannot play a deceased cast member as the game would not make sense.Iam planing on starting the game in Novembr so i can get alot of sign ups done.


Cast members:

Dan Aykroyd:
Chevy Chase:
Jane Curtin:
Garrett Morris:
Laraine Newman:
Bill Murray:
Harry Shearer:
Al Franken:
Gilbert Gottfried:
Eddie Murphy:
Joe Piscopo:
Brian Doyle-Murray:
Mary Gross:
Julia Louis-Dreyfus:
Jim Belushi:
Billy Crystal:
Martin Short:
Joan Cusack:
Robert Downey, Jr.:
Nora Dunn:
Anthony Michael Hall:
Jon Lovitz:
Dennis Miller:
Randy Quaid:
Al Franken:
Damon Wayans:
Dana Carvey:
Nora Dunn:
Jan Hooks:
Victoria Jackson:
Jon Lovitz:
Kevin Nealon:
Mike Myers:
Ben Stiller:
Tim Meadows:
Chris Rock:
Adam Sandler:
Rob Schneider:
David Spade:
Julia Sweeney:
Ellen Cleghorne:
Michael McKean:
Norm Macdonald:
Jay Mohr:
Sarah Silverman:
Chris Elliot:
Molly Shannon:
Jim Breuer:
Will Ferrell:
Darrell Hammond:
Cheri Oteri: ladyrose01
Chris Kattan:
Colin Quinn:
Ana Gasteyer:
Tracy Morgan:
Jimmy Fallon:
Chris Parnell:
Horatio Sanz:
Rachel Dratch:
Maya Rudolph:
Amy Poehler:
Tina Fey:
Seth Meyers:
Fred Armisen:mcghengland_xx
Will Forte:
Kenan Thompson: ladyrose01
Finesse Mitchell:
Jason Sudeikis:
Bill Hader:
Andy Samberg:
Kristen Wiig:
Casey Wilson:
Bobby Moynihan:
Abby Elliott:
Michaela Watkins:

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(want to be an affiliate? PM:
ladyrose01 or mcghengland_xx)

Welcome to snlrpg. This community is is an RPG for Saturday Night Live. Have fun!
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